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Hampton Affiliates, a Northwest-based forest products company, owns and operates eight sawmills located in the states of Oregon and Washington and the Canadian Province of British Columbia. Annual production capacity is currently in excess of 2 billion board feet, making Hampton one of the largest softwood lumber manufacturers, and a market leader in the retail, distributor, industrial, and export markets.

Using technology to produce the high quality lumber required by our customers, we are committed to providing superior products. Our mills are also focused on sustainability. We utilize all parts of the log - what isn't used to produce lumber becomes by-products that are either sold for pulp or chips or used internally to generate energy (steam or electricity) for our plants.

"Find a better way every day" is Hampton's motto and safety is part of the Hampton culture. Our employees strive for excellence in all areas.Sending employees home safely at the end of the day is paramount in the company’s value system.



Lumber Operations

Willamina Lumber Company - produces Doug Fir dimension lumber
Tillamook Lumber Company - produces Hem-Fir dimension lumber
Hampton Lumber Mills - Warrenton Division - produces Hem-Fir and Doug Fir dimension lumber

Hampton Lumber Mills - Morton Division - produces Hem-Fir and Doug Fir short dimension lumber (10 ft or less)
Hampton Lumber Mills - Randle Division - produces Hem-Fir and Doug Fir short dimension lumber (10 ft or less)
Hampton Lumber Mills - Darrington Division - produces Hem-Fir and Doug Fir dimension lumber

British Columbia
Babine Forest Products, Ltd. - produces SPF dimension lumber
Decker Lake Forest Products, Ltd. - produces SPF decking and timbers and export products

A key component of each location’s culture revolves around safety and helping each other to work safely. 

Each year, as our mills work toward excellence in safety, they compete for our coveted “President’s Cup Award” for Safety in the workplace. The location with the best safety record wins!

Congratulations to our recent winners:

HLM - Warrenton
2013    HLM - Morton/Napavine
2011    HLM - Decker Lake Forest Products
2010    HLM - Decker Lake Forest Products
2009    HLM - Willamina Lumber Company
2008    HLM - Decker Lake Forest Products
2007    HLM - Darrington/Arlington

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