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  Job Title:   Journeyman Level Millwright - Willamina, OR
  Job Location:   Willamina, OR

Comply with Company work and safety rules. Must understand mechanics of working machinery, be able to install, maintain troubleshoot and repair equipment and facilities.

Ability to establish a working relationship with maintenance, production and management personnel to achieve the goals of the organization. Ability to work overtime when required to maintain, install or repair equipment or facilities. Ability to understand and comply with work order systems, machine histories, scheduling, warehousing and related maintenance fields.


A minimum of four years in an industrial millwright position or comparable training.

Proficient in ability to weld, cut, troubleshoot equipment and systems, maintain all working components, operate machinery, understand pneumatic and hydraulic systems, proficient use of all tools related to the trade and good communication skills.


Be classified as a Journeyman Millwright by any Hampton Lumber Mill or hold a state Industrial Maintenance Millwright certification.


Maintain, install, troubleshoot and repair equipment and Plant facilities.

Assist production personnel with any material flow related problems.

Maintain open lines of communication with all facility departments and personnel necessary to ensure proper operation and maintenance of equipment and facilities.

Ensure all documentation is kept up to date.


Comply with all Company work and safety rules and related industry regulations.

Have a thorough working knowledge of mechanical operations used in the industry and be able to maintain, install, repair and troubleshoot all systems, equipment and facilities.

Maintain a working relationship with maintenance, production and management personnel.

Possess the necessary skills and aptitudes required to operate maintenance tools and related machinery.

Be able to operate all facility equipment to the degree needed for troubleshooting and testing.

Assist production personnel to maintain the flow of product.

Work necessary overtime as required.

Be willing to learn new skills needed to maintain updated machinery and/or facilities.

Willing to improve or change personal work habits to adjust to new situations.

Be willing to make any suggestions that will improve or enhance the facility.

Maintain open lines of communication with all facility departments and personnel necessary to ensure proper operation and maintenance of systems, equipment and facilities.

Take a leadership role in completion of the task at hand or work assignments.

Take the responsibility to maintain a clean and safe working environment.

Be a "team" member.


Be willing to learn production operator's positions to the proficiency of maintaining production flow.

Possess a desire to learn operations of all related industry departments and their functions.


The normal work week is scheduled for forty hours.

Some of the common tools and equipment used for this position and frequency of use:

Hand Tools - Frequently
Power Tools - Frequently
Welders, Torches - Frequently
Measuring Tools - Frequently
Cranes, Forklifts - Occasionally
Hoists, Jacks - Often
Engine Lathe - Occasionally
Hand Shovel - Occasionally

Percentage of time during the normal work day a Millwright may be required to:

Drive - 10% Sit - 20%
Twist - 25% Climb - 5%
Stand - 100% Crawl - 5%
Squat - 5% Bend - 10%
Walk - 50% Lift - 50%

Weight required to be lifted:

Not Req'd Occasionally Frequently Continuously
0 - 10 lbs X
10 - 20 lbs X
20 - 30 lbs X
30 - 40 lbs X
40 - 50 lbs X
50 - 75 lbs X (Any weight over 50 lbs
75 - 100 lbs X requires special
Over 100 lbs X provisions)

Describe and explain the lifting and carrying requirements.

Carrying: A Millwright's tool pouch will be in his/her possession at all times. Replacement and defective parts will be exchanged through department areas. Mill equipment and parts may be located in inconvenient sites for access to maintain and repair. The distance required to carry objects will normally not exceed 150 yards. Equipment is provided to transport heavier objects longer distances.

Repetitive use of hands:

Grasping - Frequently
Pushing/Pulling - Frequently

Lifting - Frequently

Repetitive use of feet in operating controls:

Pushing - Occasionally

Environmental factors of each normal workday:

Time Spent - Inside: 4 hours; Outside: 4 hours
Temperature - Normal Ambient Temperature
Humidity - Normal Climate Range
Atmosphere - Fumes, Odors, Dust, Vapors

Fumes from paint, welding etc. Odors from paint, sawn wood. Dust from metal working, wood working, rolling stock. Vapors from lubrication devices, welding, cutting, paint, anti-stain, solvents and lubricants.

Special Hazards:

Mechanical X , Electrical X , Chemical X
Explosive X , Radiation X , Noise X , Other

Describe: Millwright works with moving machinery, electrically, pneumatic and hydraulic powered machinery and controls. Many maintenance product used contain varieties of chemicals. Gasses used in cutting torches can be explosive as will as aerosol container products used in maintenance. Welding and cutting can emit harmful radiation. All Mill equipment make noise varying infrequency and loudness.

Protective clothing required:

As specified in Company personal protective equipment policies.

These examples are not meant to be inclusive and management reserves the right to change, and/or delete in order to meet the needs of the operation and the crew.
  Hours:   Full-Time

Hampton is an Equal Opportunity Employer
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